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flying home

06/27/2007.....united airlines.....0346....Portland, Denver,CO.....12:42PM
Lufthansa....0481....Denver, Munich Germany.....Arrive:28.6. um 7:40AM.

so...ichhabs fast geschafft, auch wenn ich nicht wirklich will...aber mein jahr ist fast vorbei, ich hab noch 5 wochen bis ich nach hause muss....
21.5.07 07:04


also ich hab ja jetzt mal ne  ganze weile hier geschwiegen, da hab ich mir grad mal gedacht dass ich wieder ein paar worte verlieren könnte:]. jetzt war ich ja erst mal in Hawaii, die bilder werd ich bald mal hochladen, wenn ich zeit finde, ich bin grad so im stress. ja war auf jeden fall warm ich bin schön braun gebrannt zurück gekommen, war viel schwimmen und hab ne ganze menge gesehen.
dann is morgen prom, des is ein tanz wie der homecoming aber nur für die seniors und juniors, und die juniors müssen des ganze organisieren, und da bin auch ich dabei. da is zz die hölle los!
naja heute hatten wir ein track meet, ich hab ganz gut abgeschnitten, ich hätt nur mit schnelleren leuten rennen müssen, dann wär ich noch schneller gewesen...naja, immerhin 4. und in long jump hab ich mir mein knie verdreht und konnte danach nich mehr rennen.
die 4x100 ham wir leider verloren, weil wir eine sehr langsame rennerin dabei hatten. aber unsere schule hat bei jungs und mädls des gesammte meet gewonnen. is doch auch mal was.
so am samstag haben wir mit der band state qualify, da müssen wir vorspielen, und mindestens 2 judges müssen uns at least 75 punkte geben und dann könne wir zu state gehn, also drückt uns die daumen!
so des wars fürs erste, ich muss meine beine kühlen, dang shinsplints!
bis denne
love ya all!
13.4.07 06:27


yeah!! our guys won the game yesteray and now they have one game left to win and if they do they are going to state, which is a competition between the best basketballteams of all over oregon!! isnt that great?!
aaand i dont plan to come back to germany, i'm going to marry an american guy so i can stay here...i already know who, i just needa teel him...:P i know im crazy, but who cares?? not me:]
well...telk to ya all later gator...and see you never again...have fun with the rest of your life and im sorry for all the guys who never made it to america, you miss a lot!
love you!

18.2.07 18:09

Swing Fling

Well yeah, Swing Fling was pretty cool.
for those of you who don't know anything about this, I'm gonna tell you now what we did. first of all, we were setting up the stage and the whole ofest building, we decorated it and got everything ready. it started at about 6:30h isch with a swing dance lesson...believe it or not, but yes, i can kinda swingdance now.I even convinnced my PE teacher to dance cuz we were a little short of guys. no, i didnt dance with him. then, the mt angel high school and middle school band played a song and then the jfk jazz band played 5....we did pretty good...and then....the fun seriosly, we had a lot of fun..there was an auction going on and we danced a lot..i danced a couple of times with alex (alex, you are a pretty good dancer!!) and then rett kept asking me but i didnt wanna dance anymore, and anyways, he was one of the guys who pretended to do something when we were short of guys, but i think he was pretty sad about this, so i promised him to dance with him at prom or any other dance we gonna have...i hope he is alright with this..:]
anyways, mr petrik, my band teacher, was surprinsingly nice to everybody, even when we screwed the songs a little up...but we had a lot of fun...and kurt reminds me sooooooooo bad of my cousin really bad...he is teasing me and reacts exactly the same...i hope it has the same meaning...:] just kidding, but he is really nice and taaaaaaaall!! like 6 feet..dont ask me how much this is in meters, google for it.........:]
well then, im gonna report again, in case anything exiting happens, like somebody asks me out for a date or something like this...jk
alright, i guess im gonna talk to all if you at my birthday, but please don't call in the middle of the night, the best thing is the saturday and sunday after it...
love you all!!
5.2.07 04:44

well well....

well well...there is nothing really happening here, except that my bday is coming along and my hostmom wants me to do a big party, but I don't think that I want a big party...even if it is my sweet sixteen bday:]
oh and my hostdad wants to paint a picture of me on which I'm dressed up like "the girl with the pearlearring"...but I don't have to get an earring...I'm really looking forward to this...oh and the Pamster wants to paint a painting for me too cuz I love her paintings so much...ooooooooooooooooh and Hawaii-vacations are coming...we gonna fly on the 21.3. at 6 in the morning, over san Francisco and gonna be in Hawaii at noon or something like this (time difference!!) and that'S gonna be awesome!! 13 days sun, summer and beach and seeing a lot of interesting places...can't wait...well I'm gonna send a postcard to the TSV Neufahrn or something like this and for sure to my class:]
well well...cya in 5 month....:]
29.1.07 06:51

Back to Germany?

I just got two letters today from EF...just guess what it said?
"Dear Simone,  it may be hard to believe, but it is time to begin planning for your return home!"
I just thought: omg!! it can't be true, I can't start thinking of flying home right now, the fun just startet!! Alright, but I'm going to tell you guys when you can expect me back home...I'm booked on the last wave which is betwenn the 26.( Anja's birthday) and the 28....that gives me two weeks after school ends...I don't know the official date yet, but I'm going to tell it to you guys when the next letter arrives...and to sarah, in case you are reading this, please don't comment it or something, I will be in one plane with you for sure...
alright...any questions??:P

see you you!!

24.1.07 05:06


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