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Swing Fling

Well yeah, Swing Fling was pretty cool.
for those of you who don't know anything about this, I'm gonna tell you now what we did. first of all, we were setting up the stage and the whole ofest building, we decorated it and got everything ready. it started at about 6:30h isch with a swing dance lesson...believe it or not, but yes, i can kinda swingdance now.I even convinnced my PE teacher to dance cuz we were a little short of guys. no, i didnt dance with him. then, the mt angel high school and middle school band played a song and then the jfk jazz band played 5....we did pretty good...and then....the fun seriosly, we had a lot of fun..there was an auction going on and we danced a lot..i danced a couple of times with alex (alex, you are a pretty good dancer!!) and then rett kept asking me but i didnt wanna dance anymore, and anyways, he was one of the guys who pretended to do something when we were short of guys, but i think he was pretty sad about this, so i promised him to dance with him at prom or any other dance we gonna have...i hope he is alright with this..:]
anyways, mr petrik, my band teacher, was surprinsingly nice to everybody, even when we screwed the songs a little up...but we had a lot of fun...and kurt reminds me sooooooooo bad of my cousin really bad...he is teasing me and reacts exactly the same...i hope it has the same meaning...:] just kidding, but he is really nice and taaaaaaaall!! like 6 feet..dont ask me how much this is in meters, google for it.........:]
well then, im gonna report again, in case anything exiting happens, like somebody asks me out for a date or something like this...jk
alright, i guess im gonna talk to all if you at my birthday, but please don't call in the middle of the night, the best thing is the saturday and sunday after it...
love you all!!
5.2.07 04:44

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