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well well....

well well...there is nothing really happening here, except that my bday is coming along and my hostmom wants me to do a big party, but I don't think that I want a big party...even if it is my sweet sixteen bday:]
oh and my hostdad wants to paint a picture of me on which I'm dressed up like "the girl with the pearlearring"...but I don't have to get an earring...I'm really looking forward to this...oh and the Pamster wants to paint a painting for me too cuz I love her paintings so much...ooooooooooooooooh and Hawaii-vacations are coming...we gonna fly on the 21.3. at 6 in the morning, over san Francisco and gonna be in Hawaii at noon or something like this (time difference!!) and that'S gonna be awesome!! 13 days sun, summer and beach and seeing a lot of interesting places...can't wait...well I'm gonna send a postcard to the TSV Neufahrn or something like this and for sure to my class:]
well well...cya in 5 month....:]
29.1.07 06:51

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