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Hallo erstmal...

Also...die Simone...das bin dann wohl mal ich...ich wollt eigentlich nur mal ne andere Website eröffnen weil die andere mir nich soooo gefallen hat und ich mir gedacht hab dass es für euch bestimmt auch viel schöner wär, wenn ihr da mal so richtig was reinschreiben könnt...ich werd auch hier regelmäßig versuchen was reinzuschreiben dass ihr wisst was bei mir so los is...:D
also, dann wünsch ich euch mal viel Spaß hier und mir selber auch...*gg*
I hope it was understandable but my German is getting worse and worse every hav fun!

Love you all!!
23.1.07 04:43

Back to Germany?

I just got two letters today from EF...just guess what it said?
"Dear Simone,  it may be hard to believe, but it is time to begin planning for your return home!"
I just thought: omg!! it can't be true, I can't start thinking of flying home right now, the fun just startet!! Alright, but I'm going to tell you guys when you can expect me back home...I'm booked on the last wave which is betwenn the 26.( Anja's birthday) and the 28....that gives me two weeks after school ends...I don't know the official date yet, but I'm going to tell it to you guys when the next letter arrives...and to sarah, in case you are reading this, please don't comment it or something, I will be in one plane with you for sure...
alright...any questions??:P

see you you!!

24.1.07 05:06

well well....

well well...there is nothing really happening here, except that my bday is coming along and my hostmom wants me to do a big party, but I don't think that I want a big party...even if it is my sweet sixteen bday:]
oh and my hostdad wants to paint a picture of me on which I'm dressed up like "the girl with the pearlearring"...but I don't have to get an earring...I'm really looking forward to this...oh and the Pamster wants to paint a painting for me too cuz I love her paintings so much...ooooooooooooooooh and Hawaii-vacations are coming...we gonna fly on the 21.3. at 6 in the morning, over san Francisco and gonna be in Hawaii at noon or something like this (time difference!!) and that'S gonna be awesome!! 13 days sun, summer and beach and seeing a lot of interesting places...can't wait...well I'm gonna send a postcard to the TSV Neufahrn or something like this and for sure to my class:]
well well...cya in 5 month....:]
29.1.07 06:51

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